Revista Brasileira de Marketing, Vol. 14, No 3 (2015)

Tamanho da fonte:  Menor  Médio  Maior

Country of Origin Image and Foreign Markets Strategy: Analysis of the Brazilian Cosmetics Company Natura

Mariana Bassi Sutter, Maria Laura Ferranty MacLennan, Carolina Cristina Fernandes, Moacir Miranda de Oliveira Jr.


This study investigates the use of country of origin image (COI) by an emerging market multinational (EMMN) on their internationalization process. To this end, we integrate COI literature with the attributes that make up Brazil’s image abroad. This study conducts a qualitative and descriptive approach using the single case study on the case of the Brazilian company Natura Cosméticos S.A. Case analysis, relying on discourse analysis, allowed us to find out that the company uses COI as part of its international strategy; COI attributes can be used positively by an EMMN and might contribute to their image abroad. About the first finding, the study also points out ways Natura integrates Brazilianness attributes into its international marketing strategy, since Natura’s competitive differential is sustained on product development based on the biodiversity of Brazilian fauna and flora. Our study shows ways how an EMMN might use COI concept into their international marketing strategy in order to build their image abroad and differentiate itself positively.

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