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Brazilian Journal of Marketing

The Brazilian Journal of Marketing is a quarterly publication that has as its objective to publish Brazilian and international scientific research in the marketing area. The opinions and ideas contained in its articles aim to highlight the best Brazilian and international academic research in graduate Programs. This publication is governed by the academic community and not by a particular research group.

BJM is a pioneer initiative of Brazilian researchers to create an independent and exclusive journal to discuss and publicize the subject that make up the ample domain of Marketing as a scientific discipline. For a long time, marketing research was published in scientific journals discussing administration, economy, production engineering and correlated areas. BJM's main objective is to function as a reference for research to all professors, students, and professional marketers who are interested in promoting the development of this research field.

BJM adopts the best practices of scientific publication, with the help of the Sistema Eletrônico de Editoração Científica – SEER [Electronic System of Scientific Publishing], based on the open platform of the Open Journal System – OJS and on the most advanced technique of editorial norms in the country. Another relevant practices is that the group of evaluators through a systematic Double Blind Review approach work in an absolutely independent manner evaluating the articles and essays. The logistic and monitoring systems support is based on the Programa de Mestrado e Doutorado em Administração – PMDA [Master and Doctorate Program in Administration] – of Universidade Nove de Julho – UNINOVE.

The name BJM was conceived in 2009, from the Revista Cenários da Comunicação – RCC [Journal of Communication Scenary] - ISSN: 1983-9332 (http://www.uninove.br/revistacenarios). Created in 2002, RCC had as its objective to stimulate the scientific research in the convergence area of marketing and communication sciences. At the end of 2008, after assuming the responsibility of making this journal nationally accessible with a focus centered on marketing, PMDA of UNINOVE and PPGA of UNIMEP, consulted other research nuclei in Brazil, creating the first Brazilian journal that deals exclusively with the publication of academic research in this area. New After the publication of the 2009 issue, new editorial standards were adopted with exclusive focus on marketing. In 2010 the journal began to be published quarterly.

The constitution of the Editorial Counsel consists of members and representative of the national and international community in marketing. BJM was born editorially independent from the departments that opened the research groups which give it support, direct or indirectly. Therefore, Journal is committed to the best editorial practices available, but also to the solid purpose of gradually developing a thematic journal nationally accessible, expanding the horizons of the area in Brazil.

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